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Offering goal oriented & results-driven training, education, operational service reviews, fire investigations, fire, arson, and explosion investigations, and emergency/disaster management services. 


Firestorm Inspectors and Investigators have exceptional training and accreditation to deliver the assurance of service you need.

Each and every one of FireStorm Consulting Group Inc.’s Fire Inspectors and Fire Investigators are certified Safety Codes Officers in the Fire Discipline.

Every client of Firestorm Consulting Group Inc. benefits from of our expertly trained and certified Inspectors and Investigators. Our team can deliver your organization the vital service you need in a timely, professional, and responsible manner.

Fire Safety Codes Officers (SCO’s) perform fire inspections to take measures to reduce danger to life and property.

FireStorm’s SCO Inspectors report fires, arsons, and explosion events. Our team investigates the cause, origin, and circumstances of these within a prescribed jurisdiction.

FireStorm Consulting Group Inc. is an Accredited Agency, certified by the Safety Codes Council in the Province of Alberta, Canada. With an in-depth understanding of the Alberta Safety Codes Act, the Alberta Fire Code, and the Alberta Building Code in addition to other technical knowledge, FireStorm Consulting Group Inc. SCO’s in the Fire Discipline help ensure public safety, investigation and reporting requirements are met.

Each and every one of FireStorm Consulting Group Inc.’s Fire Inspectors and Fire Investigators are certified Safety Codes Officers in the Fire Discipline.

They are each certified by the Alberta Safety Codes Council and issued a Designation of Powers under the FireStorm’s own Quality Management Program (QMP). Different levels of certification require successful completion of approved courses, both meeting Provincial and International standards.

This accreditation allows FireStorm Consulting Group Inc.’s Inspectors and Investigators to work under an existing QMP for a municipality, corporation, agency or under its own QMP.

Because FireStorm Consulting Group Inc. maintains its own Quality Management Program, we are held to a high standard of competency and practice. This also provides our clients and partners with assurance in the quality of our services and peace of mind in fire inspections and fire, arson & explosion investigations in the public, private and energy sectors under the Safety Codes Act as well as other applicable legislation. As part of our solutions portfolio, visit our service pages to learn more about how you can put Firestorm to work for you.

Fire | Arson | Explosion

FireStorm investigation and analysis services related to fire, arson, and explosions. 


K-9 Detection

FireStorm K-9 detection services related to accelerants, explosives, drugs & cadavers (dive teams with sonar equipped boats).


Wildfire Management

FireStorm proactive and reactive investigation, analysis, and management services concerning all wildfires. 


Special Operations

FireStorm special operations services related to hazardous materials handling and canine detection solutions. 


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Our officers are expert consultants, delivering professional results for any emergency or protective service need.